Is there furniture for doors? Yes, as there are sofas for a living room, cupboards for a kitchen, and even benches for a park. The furniture for doors help us handle them (doorknobs), strengthen their function (locks), and give them more uses (such as hooks and letter boxes).

Observe a door to add more details to the list below. When you find a detail (functional or just ornamental), make a guess about its reason to be there. This is a useful exercise of imagination that eases the transition from concrete to abstract thought and helps thus your creativity.

Activity 1: Check the box if you find that detail on your door.

Doorknob (it comes in many shapes)
Hooks (for clothes, decoration, towels….)
Latch (a bar that fits into a slot to fasten the door)
Eyehole or peephole (the old-fashioned way of checking who’s ringing the bell) / doorviewer (a camera that allows you to see who’s at the door)
Letter box
Door knocker (a metal ring that hinges on old houses exterior door) or a bell (the modern version of the door knocker)
Welcome mat
Plant pots
Add others/ add what you wish for your door

Activity 2: Draw two furnishing items (from the list above) that you found on your examined door.

Activity 3: Draw the entire door you examined in Doors Part 1+2 with details (shape, material, furniture).