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Ten minutes drawing a day, keeps the grumpy mood away!

That’s my strategy to turn my grousing kids into more smiling creatures. And my (sometimes) grumpy students into more enthusiastic disciples.

But what kind of drawing has such a power? The one created entirely by you.

I am Annemarie Strihan, an architect and mother of two boys, and I take pleasure in writing about cities and in experiencing them. As odd as it may sound in our obsessed-about-pollution times, the urban areas are as resourceful as the countryside for moms and kids. They inspire, they’re replete with details, and they trigger curious inventions.

Here, in this virtual space I gathered architectural details, bursts of drawing inspiration, and small inventions. All these form my constructive reaction against the abundance of coloring books to be filled in obediently with colors and anti-stress coloring books that make us loose our time patiently. I acknowledge their use: the first category proves useful to keep kids busy while travelling, the last one lulls tantrums and moodiness by making both kids and parents to doze off. However, they didn’t work for me.

I want my children and my students brisk, not quiet. There is no need to follow already-drawn lines and to fall asleep while filling red a microscopic petal. We can create our own lines from scratch.

This is not art, just gym for the brain. 


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