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architecture histories made easy

Some history

It’s good to know about buildings. Most of the time we sit inside a building. Outdoors we see other buildings. There are so many buildings around us as if the they grew out of soil like trees. We know how a tree grows — from seeds in soil — and we know how a building grows — from bricks in building yards.

Man-made buildings copy the natural buildings in two ways:

The structure of a building (that is the building’s main parts) is the same as the structure of a tree. From skyscrapers to country houses, from Neolithic (that is some 8.000 years ago) to modern building, the basic structure is still in use Each buildings has a foundation (root) upon which the building body (trunk) rests and a roofing (tree crown).

The decoration of a building is like the leaves’ color and shape, We know when a building was erected by looking at its columns’ decoration, in the same way in which we immediately recognize a maple tree by looking at its leaves’ shape.

Keep these two ideas in mind – structure and decoration –  to guide you on our worldwide journey throughout time.

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